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Magnetic Level Indicator With High & Low Level Switch
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Industries We Serve  
Nuclear Power Plants
Since being the most reputed company in process instruments are experience of 30 years we are suppliers of Level Indicators , Sight flow indicators , Rotameters to Nuclear power corporation . We at Telelin our serving our country with quality instruments to various nuclear power plants in India there by endeavoring our country in its growth and prosperity .
Ship Building Industry
We at Telelin Instruments are supplying various ship builders Knob type level indicators , sight flow indicators , toughened glasses , thermometers , Magnetic level indicators , reflex type level indicators for their various tanks custom designed to suit their application and durability .Since due to invasion by foreign bodies in our boundaries through water the importance of Ship building and ships have increased by leaps and bounce. Thus we at TELELIN are serving out navy and there by serving our country .
Railway Industry
Our continuous growth and our ability to deliver quality goods in strict quality norms we are supplying various instruments in our railways like thermometers , Level indictors for their water storage tanks, liquid level switches .
Cement Industry
We are suppliers to various kinds of level indicators to cement industry ,amongst the level indcators widely used by cement industries are Float & Board type level Indicators , Reflex type level indicators , Gauge glass type level indicators is cement carrying & mixing trucks , Sight flow indicators .
Oil Companies
We are leading manufacturers of level indicators for OEMS , Oil companies , like tubular level Indicators , Sight flow Indicators , float & board type level indicators for their large oil tanks .
Chemicals Industry
Telelin Instruments is amongst the leading manufacturers , exporter , supplier of various instruments to chemical companies from india . Magnetic level Indicators with high & low level switch are widely demanded by chemical companies for its durability and long life .
Food Processing / Beverages Industry
We have devised quality system so that all our instruments are steardy and in 365 days running food and beverage industry requires instruments that are easy on operation and durable so that the process does not stop due to breakage or leakage or spillage we have designed all our level indicators keeping in mind safety and durability trait thus resulting continuous demand of our products in food and process insdusrty .